Saturday, March 21, 2020

Advanced technologies you can buy today

Advanced technologies you can buy today

Advanced technologies you can buy today
Saturday, March 21, 2020

1. Mutrics GB-30

However this technology which appeared relatively recently has become very popular here are a pair of smart glasses for gamers developed by the American company Mutrics the project was on Kickstarter in January 2020 the glasses can be pre-ordered for 99$ but the company will start delivering only in june now let's talk about their characteristics first of all they reduce fatigue these special lenses protect the eyes from the blue radiation of the screen you can also change the lenses and use the GB-30 as sunglasses the second interesting feature is a built-in microphone with an active noise reduction system and of course there is a sound system open-air audio technology allows you to transmit stereo sounds of the inner ear without headphones which reduces the discomfort when playing for many hours the quality of the sound is so high that you can determine the location of you virtual enemy from the sounds of their steps.
Mutrics GB-30 today nobody will be surprised by smart glasses.

( PRICE 99$ ) 

2. Kimber K6S

Kimber K6S this is not an ordinary revolver despite its tiny size it has a full drum a six round capacity it's a very rare feature for a Pocket gun.

The Kimber K6S looks so tiny that it's hard to believe it weighs 700 grams and don't be fooled by its dimensions either this revolver boasts a 357 caliber.
But there's more to it than last the model is equipped with a hidden trigger and a compact frame in fact it's a weapon for concealed carry but this fact does not affect the firepower.

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