Saturday, March 28, 2020

Cool E-TRUCK that actually EXIST in 2020

Cool E-TRUCK that actually EXIST in 2020

Cool E-TRUCK that actually EXIST in 2020
Saturday, March 28, 2020

1. XOS  Truck ET-ONE

Xos truck ET-ONE manufacturer of electric tractor trucks is a relatively new a very promising market surprisingly a large number of companies want a place in it but we're not only talking about such giants as Tesla the truck that you see on the screen right now is the brainchild of a company called XOS trucks from Los Angeles it's a relatively small and young company meaning the et1 isn't built form scratch the electric truck received to modify chassis form Navistar reliable data axles and hydro-qu├ębec tm4 engines perhaps the most interesting feature of this electric vehicle is its range operation the ET-ONE can ride for 482 kilometers on one charge at the same time the truck carries weights of up to 36 tons and and of course the vehicle is environmentally friendly.
According to the developers ET-ONE engine produces 30% more energy than a standard diesel engine the truck doesn't pollute the atmosphere with harmful ignition either the design of the electric vehicle allows to reduce maintenance cost by 60% compared to conventional trucks the engine capacity ranges from 300 to 700 horsepower.

2. Mercedes-Benz Urban E-TRUCK

Mercedes-Benz Urban E-Truck was originally conceived as a concept however after the presentation in 2017. The company received a fairly large number of orders after some negotiations with potential customers the brand decided to launch the production of the Mercedes-Benz Urban E-Truck by 2020 the truck you see on the screen works on electricity is peculiarity however is the it's one of the first electric heavy-duty trucks in the world. The manufacturer plans to produce two versions of the truck weighing 18 and 25 tons at the time of presentation the battery charge was enough to cover at least 200 kilometers that is at the time Urban E-Truck was already ideally suited for regional short trips as well as for transportation within the city according to the manufacturers the power reserve will increase by the time the sales being it takes about three hours to charge the electric battery as well.

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