Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coolest cars that are coming soon in 2020

Coolest cars that are coming soon in 2020

Coolest cars that are coming soon in 2020
Saturday, March 21, 2020

1. Toyota Concept-I

Toyota Concept-i despite the fact that this innovative car was shown at the CES exhibition in 2017 its production and launched were slightly delayed nevertheless in 2020 people will be able to finally enjoy it first the cars will be used during the 2020 Olympics and then they will go on sale the Toyota Concept-i has an extremely Futuristic appearance but that's not the outstanding feature the manufacturer has provided the car with an autonomous control system as well as they developed artificial intelligence the car was taught to identify the habits and preference of the driver and adjust to them the artificial intelligence will help you to choose the best route and adjust the climates and the sound system because in the cabin beside the Toyota concept is able to determine even your mood by analyzing the tone of your voice and the way you talk if car understands that the drivers too upset or angry the autopilot will be there to help in.

In some cases the autopilot can stay full control of the vehicle.

2. Citreon AMI

Citreon ami modern cars offer new opportunities to their owners but they can create difficulties when its comes to moving around 2020 dome is the time to finally get rid of them because AMI is an innovative car from citreon which doesn't have all the disadvantages of traditional cars it has a very compact size so it's suitable for busy cities and also easy to park.

AMI is an electric car so its environmental impact is reduced to and most importantly in some countries like France you own even needed Traverse license to drives.
Despite its automotive appearance, the citreon ami is an original vehicle that can replace a scooter or even a bicycle its maximum speed is 45km/h the battery has enough power to overcome up to 70 kilometers you can connect citreon ami to any household outlet or recharge it to the procedure takes only 3 hours car sharing system in France will start offering this car in a couple of months and you'll be able to order it in any country in late March the car will cost 6700$

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