Sunday, March 22, 2020

Coolest Invention for emergency services in 2020

Coolest Invention for emergency services in 2020

Coolest Invention for emergency services in 2020
Sunday, March 22, 2020

1. Ambulance Drone

Ambulance drone sometimes when a person suddenly feels sick there are only a few minutes to save them fortunately, today's technology is so advanced that there's no time loss to solve an emergency situation.
This ambulance drone was developed by Dutch inventor ( Alec Lamont ) thanks to the drone First-Aid can be provided two or three minutes after the call of course in a critical situation the person needs professional help however the paramedics can't always get to them fast enough sometimes an inconvenient location heavy traffic and other circumstances caused delay the drone unlike an ambulance does not need time to prepare also it has no problems with traffic and can choose the shortest route possible when the ambulance receives an emergency call the computer instantly calculates the patient's location and the drone is sent immediately its speed reaches 100km/h allowing it to arrive at the specified location in less than a minute while the drone is flying the person on the phone receives instructions from a specialist over the phone when the drone arrives at the location communication is maintained over the speaker despite its modest size the device contains everything you need to provide First-Aid.In addition, the drone can be equipped with different tools for each specific case breathing or heart problem diabetes wounds regardless of the problem the drone will help the injured to hold on until the doctors arrive.

2. Elkostr Wedge Barrier

Elkostr Wedge Barrier the invention is about to see help improve security in vulnerable and highly protected locations when folded the barrier is unnoticeable and doesn't interfere with the traffic flow but once raised the barrier will become an obstacle capable of stopping any car regardless of its size and speed.

The height of the barrier is 1.2 meters it rises in just three and a half second the manufacturer the company perimeter protection suggests installing these barriers at the entrances to restricted areas they can also be used to increase security in pedestrian areas or to stop criminals during chases.

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Coolest Invention for emergency services in 2020
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