Thursday, March 19, 2020

Top 2 Best Gadgets inventions in 2020

Top 2 Best Gadgets inventions in 2020

Top 2 Best Gadgets inventions in 2020
Thursday, March 19, 2020

1. Pix Backpack :

Pix we live in world with clothes which reflect the personality and style of their owner although not only clothes buy also accessories perform this function for Example pix backpack is equipped with digital screen that can display almost any image why limit yourself to one design when you can just change it every day this is probably what the developer asked themselves the backpack syncs for the mobile app where you choose the picture to be displayed you can pick one form the Gallery or draw an original design but this is not the only advantage of PIX.

the backpack is also very spacious it has eight internal Pockets and of course it's not afraid of the weather nor of long and extreme wear and tear even if you jump on the screen it'll still work the Minimum price of this device is 175$ .
( PRICE 175$ )

2. Orbitkey Nest

Orbitkey nest this has been created specifically for people who want more organized and productive.
Surprisingly this organizer can help you reach a new level of performance for only 90$ but why is it so good sometimes when you really need to write something down you can't find a pen anywhere orbitkey nest allows you to face situations like this less often and saves your precious time inside you can store cables, charges, adapters,pens, wallet,bank cards and much more.

The developer of orbitkey nest understand that everyone is different with that in mind they made it possible to customize the space inside by moving the partitions.
The construction has a great advantage everything inside the orbit key nest has its own place so if one of the compartments is empty you'll immediately know what's missing.
The container is 24 centimeters long 12 centimeters wide and 2.8 centimeters deep.

Fits comfortably in your hand and at the same time it's strong enough to protect your thighs during the fall.
Orbitkey nest also lets you wirelessly charge of smartphone,watches and headphones

( PRICE 90$ )

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