Friday, March 20, 2020

Top 2 Best Gadgets you can buy on Amazon

Top 2 Best Gadgets you can buy on Amazon

Top 2 Best Gadgets you can buy on Amazon
Friday, March 20, 2020

1. VI Trainer:

VI is an AI personal trainer who lives in biosensing earphones the system is learning every day getting to know it's owner and adapting to their lifestyle and their personal needs.

This AI personal trainer is controlled with voice commands and is able to regulate the weight the speed and the other aspects of your training it can as well play your favorite music and allows you to answer your without touching your Phone. VI is a companied by a special application that sends messages to the user and records their achievements during training convenience interface and the friendly voice of VI will help you improve your results when it comes to training.

This electronic trainer is available for 200$

( PRICE 200$ ) 

2. Incharge 6

Incharge 6 today the average person is surrounded by a huge number of gadgets designed to make their life more comfortable and interesting the problem begin though when these gadgets run outs of energy suddenly it turns out that each gadget has it's own cable and its own charger.
Incharge 6 is the device that solves this problem according to the developer this small device is all you need to recharge all the electronic gadgets you have you have USB, USB-C, MicroUSB and lightning cable at your disposal. Incharge 6 truly eliminates any obstacles and restrictions once that's all.

The device can even recharge one smartphone using the energy of another and of course you can charge your headphones or SmartWatch using your phone you can pre-order incharge 6 for 13$  through crowdfunding platform the incharge 6 max model with a one an half meter long cable will cost you at least 19 $

( PRICE 19$ ) 

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