Saturday, March 21, 2020

Unusual phones of the future that will change the whole world

Unusual phones of the future that will change the whole world

Unusual phones of the future that will change the whole world
Saturday, March 21, 2020

1. Project ARA

Project ara there is a reason why ara is just a project and not real smartphone first of all the idea was to create a modular phone and it belonged to Google. Work on the project began in 2012 later on there was Information about what's ready for sale model would be like according to the developers project ara was the main fully functional units of the phone additional components could be purchased if desired they include a keyboard a rechargeable battery a camera with zoom an additional memory module the joystick an audio system and much more in this way the user can create a phone that fully leaves that needs also the idea is that if the main unit break down or become obsolete you won't have to buy a completely new smartphone you just have to replace the block with a new one and equip it with all the existing components this solution potentially increases the life cycle of a smartphone and solves the problem of electronic waste in 2016 Google officially suspended the project however, a patent was discovered in early 2019 indicating that the development of this modular smartphone was received.

2. Samsung Galaxy zero

The infinity display will be equipped with gorilla glass 6 protection and we'll have 1 TB of internal memory and 10 or 12 GB of RAM the device will work with either a Snapdragon or exynos 9830 processor.
Samsung Galaxy zero the latest Samsung phones are equipped with infinity o displays which means that the screen occupies almost the entire front surface of the phone even though it's called the infinity display it actually has bezel they're just very small after their latest innovation the designer wanted to see how a smartphone with truly infinity display would look like and just like that the Samsung Galaxy zero appeared this concept shows how designer think Samsung phones will look by 2025 it's the first truly bezel-less phone in the world its phone rest on the cover as you can see there are no button or connectors on the surface.

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