Thursday, April 2, 2020

Cool Gadgets you Should buy in 2020

Cool Gadgets you Should buy in 2020

Cool Gadgets you Should buy in 2020
Thursday, April 2, 2020

1. 360-Fly

360-fly this action camera with the 360 degree viewing angle lets you take high-quality videos and photos in panoramic mode the device is equipped with a wide-angle lens and the built-in memory is enough to record several hours of video in maximum quality at the same time the fully charged battery guarantees at least two hours of continuous work 360 fly has all the
features of an action camera including the possibility of attaching it to a helmet and various surfaces and being waterproof in addition the manufacturer provides synchronization of the camera with the computer using a magnetic charger the minimum cost for such a camera is $300.

2. MagBulb

Mag bulb this compact and handy device
allows you to replace a bulb in one movement making the replacement process
much faster and safer mag bulb uses the same principle as magnetic adapters for charging devices a base where the magnetic Inlet is screwed into the lamp while the other part is screwed into the base of the bulb allowing it to put them together in a single movement thanks to the use of neodymium magnets and bronze connectors the adapters provide reliable contact and are completely safe it is worth noting that the magnetic adapter is compatible with all types of lamps and luminaries the cost of the device is $15.

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Cool Gadgets you Should buy in 2020
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