Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Cool Gaming TECHNOLOGY you need to see

Cool Gaming TECHNOLOGY you need to see

Cool Gaming TECHNOLOGY you need to see
Wednesday, April 8, 2020

1. Scorpion Mask

Scorpion mask mortal kombat fans really love to cosplay their favorite characters and therefore there are a lot of different products for them in the market this device has no technical function whatsoever but is a very realistic yellow mask of the original scorpion to make it even more real the developers added decorative cuts and scars in the surface of the mask it's made of PVC with extra plastic and a flexible fastening thanks to its structure the mask fits any head and can stretch to the proper length the mask holds tightly to the face completely covering the bottom half nevertheless unlike more expensive masks it doesn't have holes for breathing you can buy this detailed scorpion mask for twenty three dollars on eBay.

2. Birdly

Birdly this device developed by a group of engineers of the Zurich University of the Arts is a fully immersive VR flight simulator if you want to feel like a bird just put on the oculus rift goggles lie down on a special moving table and place your hands on the moving controllers located on the sides of the device which act as the wings of the bird to recreate the feeling of flying there is a powerful ventilator in the head of the device which automatically changes the angle and the power of the wind depending on the actions of the user on top of that the device can recreate the odours of nature during the virtual flights the table will move constantly making the same manoeuvres as a real bird the weight of this device is 290 pounds and it's dimensions are 83 by 55 inches and the height can vary from 31 to 43 inches depending on the personal needs of the user the price of this simulator remains unknown.

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Cool Gaming TECHNOLOGY you need to see
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