Thursday, April 23, 2020

Creative Space-Saving Solution for small Rooms - INVENTION

Creative Space-Saving Solution for small Rooms - INVENTION

Creative Space-Saving Solution for small Rooms - INVENTION
Thursday, April 23, 2020

1. Nexus 21

Nexus 21 furniture you might not know it but installing a simple storage lift in the kitchen can offer great benefits in this case the lift is built into the furniture providing a new level of comforts in the apartment the constructions shown have been designed and implemented by the american company Nexus 21 this company specializes in thei installationof lifts in furniture so this amount of lifts is not surprising at all the TV can be hidden in any kitchen cabinets no matter if it's on the floor or war the only difference is the way the TV moves but the second solution can save space even more
significantly it's a whole functional station that comes out of the floor cupboard as if by magic thus a variety of appliances such as a
toaster a mixer or a coffee maker are hidden and don't take up space on the worktop when not needed the appliances can also be switched on in seconds without having to move them around or look for sockets.

2. Resource Furniture

Resource furniture having a small bedroom or living room is not a problem if the room is furnished with smart furniture this allows you to use every square foot as efficiently as possible saving precious space here for example the pillows that were moved after which the sofa becomes a bunk bed in a matter of seconds is even a ladder and folding protectors the transformation takes between 20 and 30 seconds this coffee table is ideal for people who like having many guests over under the main counter there are additional pull-out surfaces this way the table area increases by at least four times in an easy way.

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Creative Space-Saving Solution for small Rooms - INVENTION
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